The Top Information Technology Trends 2020

Digital transformation is on everyone’s lips and more and more companies are already recognizing the indispensability of remaining competitive and operating sustainably. In our blog post you can find out more about the megatrends of the future in information technology. The focus is on artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation, mobility and blockchain.

If you’re not fast, you’ll sink. Today’s economic life is a race – everyone against everyone. Information technology plays a key role for the front runners. Digital transformation can drive companies forward and make them more efficient, faster and more customer-oriented.

Digital Transformation – the Clear Megatrend

At the moment, digital transformation is clearly the trend in information technology. But the topic has several facets, all of which have to be considered. First of all, there is automation, which is made possible by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Intelligent algorithms make it possible to relieve employees by automating routine activities. Innovative communication solutions ensure accessibility anywhere in the world. Well-established and slow business processes can be automated and accelerated. For maintenance and services, predictive maintenance ensures that warning signals are sent when there is a threat of equipment failure. This prevents downtime and saves costs. With virtual reality (VR), experts can carry out repairs even from hundreds of kilometers away.

From Chat Robots to Mobile Device Management

When communicating with customers, self-learning chat robots can anticipate the most common questions and automatically find the right answers. Mobility is becoming more and more important, employees and customers use mobile devices. Be careful here: within the company, you must ensure that company policies are adhered to on smartphones and that data protection is guaranteed. Mobile Device Management serves this purpose.

Blockchain for increasing efficiency in companies

For e-commerce, banking and many other scenarios, Blockchain can ensure the security of transfers and payments. However, this has a downside at the moment, because many people can’t imagine anything under Blockchain, there are many dubious providers in this area. But if used correctly, the blockchain can increase the efficiency of a company.

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Source cover picture: iStock / NicoElNino