Study shows: RE’FLEKT relies on the right technology

As the report on Augmented and Mixed Reality from RE´FLEKT shows, the latest AR/ VR investment trends point to attractive deal opportunities. Leading companies are also focusing on these issues. With a view to the current AR/VR investment and acquisition trends, the future of the industry looks positive. We will give you a brief overview of current topics & trends.

The latest developments of the AR/VR trends show that there is a high innovation potential in the technologies. Read more about the exciting and current topics on augmented and mixed reality.

Snap Inc. plans to release AR functions

Snap Inc. plans to raise $1 billion for AR functions and potential acquisitions. The parent company of the popular but slowly disappearing messaging app Snapchat plans to raise $1 billion for media content and AR features. Are there any new AR features in the pipeline that could help revive Snapchat’s user growth and keep AR accessible to everyone? Read more in Euronews.

Microsoft cooperates with Open AI

Microsoft cooperates with Open AI by investing $1 billion. After transforming Open AI from a non-profit research lab into a for-profit enterprise, it now receives a large investment from Microsoft that makes the technology giant the exclusive provider of cloud computing services for Open AI. Both companies have ambitious plans to work together to develop new Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) solutions. We are excited to see if they will even take a look at the holy grail of AI in the near future. You can read more about this topic here.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Long awaited delivery of Microsoft HoloLens 2 expected shortly. Have you pre-ordered HoloLens 2 and can’t wait to get your hands on it? You will be pleased to hear that the documents published last Friday on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate this. Waiting for the release of HoloLens 2 could soon be over. While HoloLens is not explicitly mentioned in the FCC filing, the graphics filed appear distinctive along with the regulatory information. Learn more about Next Reality!

Amazon develops technology to support carriers with AR

AR comes to the aid of Amazon delivery drivers with advanced instructions. Amazon is working on plans to optimize parcel delivery by providing helpful information about routes and areas available to deliverers. Why not just use a navigation app, you might ask. The scheme submitted for patenting will make information such as parking instructions or notes on a hidden entrance visible directly in the agent’s field of vision via an AR headset. If it works as planned, this could be a great implementation of Collaborative AR. You can read more about this here.

Samsung applies for patent on folding AR glasses

Samsung applies for a patent for folding glasses with a frame-activated screen. Since Samsung seems to be exploring the practical implementations of an AR foldable headset, one feature stands out: The projector is turned on and off when the frame brackets are opened and closed, eliminating the need for a conventional power switch. Does this qualify as serious competition for other foldable AR hardware developments? Only time will tell what those like Nreal and Apple can do. More about Venture Beat.

Apple & the MR Headset

Apple submits a patent request for expression tracking for the upcoming MR headset. Patent attorneys seem to be faced with hectic times and requests from the AR world. After Samsung, Apple now plans to patent a variety of sensors on its upcoming Mixed Reality headset, suggesting that the tech giant plans to incorporate eye, gesture and potential facial expression tracking capabilities into the device. We look forward to seeing if Apple was inspired by Oculus’ HMD face tracking. Read more.

Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses

The functionalities of Vuzix Blade will be further expanded with the DJI Drone accompaniment application, the real-time translation tool and the Amazon Alexa integration. Vuzix establishes its new Smart Glasses, which were increasingly introduced in February as a hands-free vision aid, through further improvements that eliminate the need for devices such as smartphones and tablets. Having collaborated with Verzion and Zoi Meet to provide instant language translation capabilities and announced the DJI Drone companion application, Vuzix now offers users access to Amazon’s language assistant technology Alexa. However, waiting for AR Core integration continues. Read more here.

The development of the AR/VR trends shows that the technologies have arrived at the companies & what innovation potential there is in the technologies. RE´FLEKTs Argumented, Mixed and Virtual Reality platforms enable every company to create its own applications quickly and easily. You can find more information here.


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