New partnership for Bernstein

The munich-based start up Bernstein Technologies, which enables companies via blockchain technology a save and encrypted data storage of sensitive data has a new partner on his side. 

Together with the british Knowledge Associates International Ltd Bernstein wants to strengthen their expertise to uniquely offer individuals, teams and entire organizations better ways to manage their knowledge assets or intellectual property portfolios using blockchain technologies.

Over the years, employees of Knowledge Associates have developed much knowledge and expertise to identify, manage, develop and apply valuable intangible knowledge assets to achieve strategic organizational objectives. In April, the extended service to manage know-how and intellectual properties in a safe and encrypted way will be available for all interested parties at the International Conference on Knowledge Asset Management at Kings College.

„For Bernstein the partnership with the consulting company is a total success as both companies are convinced that blockchain technology and further decentral technologies have a strong influence on the way how know how and data will be registered and transmittered in future.“ Marco Barulli, CEO of Bernstein Technologies about the new partnership of the munic-based start up.

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Source title: Pixabay