Bernstein cooperates with Mindfire Foundation

The Mindfire Foundation, a Swiss non-profit which is focused on creating human-like artificial intelligence, and Bernstein today announced a strategic partnership to enable a smarter, more collaborative approach to secure newly generated intellectual property during Mindfire Missions.


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As part of the agreement, the Mindfire Foundation has named Bernstein as a preferred provider to create a digital trail of records of Mindfire’s innovation processes using blockchain technology. The Mindfire Foundation will host a series of Missions aimed at uniting talents and experts across the sciences to collaborate on the solving of various challenges facing the development of human-like artificial intelligence. The cryptographic fingerprint of each participant’s contributions and discoveries will be stored on a blockchain allowing everyone to be fairly and directly recognized for new ideas and concepts developed in the Mindfire framework.

Bernstein is a forerunner in the application of blockchain technology for  intellectual property management and makes it convenient to create blockchain certificates that prove ownership, existence, and integrity of any IP asset in a decentralized way – a central element of the Mindfire Foundation.“ –  Lukas Sieber, Co-Founder, and Member of the board of the Mindfire Foundation.

Marco Barulli, Co-founder and Managing Director at Bernstein commented: “We are excited to partner with the Mindfire Foundation to contribute our state of the art solution for securing intellectual property assets and innovation processes, allowing the greatest minds on earth to work cooperatively on one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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